Links and resources for Sept 25th, OWASP / ISSA BYOP Workshop

How to write (by consensus) Information Security, Internet use and privacy policies, come away with a policy written by the group. (and you will see why it’s hard to please everyone). We will start with a downloaded sample BYOD / smartphone policy, talk about the basics, what is BYOD, legal issues, security issues, safety issues and write a BYOD / mobile device policy. Takeaways include 15 most important policies, policy checklist, Sample BYOD / smartphone policy.

Bio: Michael Scheidell is a recognized expert in the information security and privacy community with a strong history of innovation and entrepreneurship. Frequent conference speaker and subject matter expert in InfoSec and Digital Privacy issues. Developed a suite of IT security products with impressive results—including a patented intrusion detection system, an award-winning email security solution and a revolutionary IT Risk and Assessment framework currently used by large multinational companies, healthcare organizations and financial institutions to ensure their privacy and security. Certified CISO (C|CISO), Member FBI Infragard, ISSA, ISACA, IAPP, PMI. Managing Director of Security Privateers.

Slides from Presentation:

Sample Mobile Policy:

Policy Checklist: