Learn a new skill: New FBI Qualification Course of Fire.

FBI QIT-99 Target

Better self defense drill, learn to pass the FBI COF and have the confidence and skills to defend yourself. 

Using the same QIT-99 target as the FBI, learn from NRA Certified Firearms instructor, Michael Scheidell as he helps you develop the skills to survive a gunfight with live aggressors, not just round circles. (note: live aggressors have been known to cause more damage than round circles on paper targets)

Each FBI special agent needs to score at least 85% on this course, 4 x a year.

This is not just a 'shoot paper target'.

Full man size, starts at 3 yards, 5 stages, includes strong and support hand, and reloading.

All targets and ammo(9mm only) are provided.


You must have a semi-automatic pistol, capable of holding 8 rounds (or 7+1)

You must have a valid Concealed Weapons permit from Florida, or a state with reciprocity with Florida.

Please email me for next class date

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call, 561-948-1305

 /*  Disclaimer: I am NOT an FBI special agent, I am not a Law enforcement firearms instructor, I did not go to Quantico and fire 5000 rounds like the FBI do, but I am a graduate of the FBI Citizens academy, where they allowed us to shoot 9 holes in one of these targets.  Does that qualify me to teach FBI agents? No.  But, let's learn a new skill and have fun. */